When it comes to web development and the industry itself, WordPress is one of the most popular technologies and names that you will hear. The free and open-source content management system has a staggering market share of over 60% to date, making it the reigning king of websites.

WPWeb is a leading WordPress Development Company in India that offers cutting-edge solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce development. Located in Ahmedabad, our company has helped numerous startups and corporations establish their own platforms.

You can say that WordPress is our cup of tea.

Looking at it, WordPress is widely used — everyone from amateur bloggers to startups to organizations and beyond.

Our company’s recent review on Clutch highlights just how easy it is to create and develop a powerful WordPress website. To give further context, Clutch is a B2B review and rating platform that hosts countless client reviews, market research, and agency rankings.

The online review that we’re referring to was written by John Newcomb, the project manager of a landscaping company based in the United Kingdom. It was published on the platform back on Jun 7, 2021, and it highlights one of our latest WordPress development projects.

According to the client, they wanted a new look for their website but at the same time, have a much easier interface to work with. They wanted a platform where they can effortlessly access their product inventory and monitor their project galleries. Our team delivered just that!

“Since launching the new site, traffic has increased and time spent on editing the site for product and project changes has reduced. They were willing to be partners in the development phases, rather than just a supplier.”

— Project Manager, Landscaping Company

We are absolutely proud to have this review feature our team’s abilities as well as how WordPress can easily be navigated. If you want to see this review or take a look at what our other clients’ say, you can visit our Clutch profile for more.

WPWeb Clutch Profile

On that note, we extend our gratitude to all our clients for entrusting us with their websites. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you and sharing our expertise in the design and development space.

Moreover, WPWeb was recently listed among the best companies on The Manifest, a prominent B2B blog platform that is known for its how-to guides and agency insights. According to their team’s evaluation, WPWeb is part of the top 100 WordPress development companies in Ahmedabad, India.

WPWeb Manifest Profile

This is a great recognition to kick-start our 2021’s second-half run. Speaking of kick-starters, let’s work together to bring your dream website to life! Send us a message and let us know more about each other.

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