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Get a futuristic new home for your WordPress website with the help of WPWeb’s all in one WordPress migration services. We have executed enterprise-grade WordPress migration. This makes us the first choice of tech partner to help securely transfer your WordPress site to a new hosting solution. We can also help with migration from a non-WordPress site to a responsive and SEO optimized WordPress site. Get a world-class CMS to power up your web presence with our WordPress website migration services.

WordPress Migration


Get a range of WordPress Migration Services from WPWeb

Non-WordPress CMS Migration

Get migration to WordPress from any CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more.

WordPress DB Migration

Our WordPress database migration services help to move data across databases.

Hosting Migration

Professionals work diligently to transfer hosting including hardware and configurations.

Domain Migration

WordPress migration experts help migrate from subdomain to root domain without any error.

Version Upgrade

Meet future business demands with the latest version of WordPress powering your site.

Responsive Site

Migrate to a mobile-optimized responsive web presence with our WordPress upgradation services.

Content Migration

Get valuable content transferred safely from non-WP to responsive, WordPress website.

Template Migration

With this, you can align the look, feel, and functionality of the new site with your existing site.


  • 37%

    35% of the sites globally are now powered by WordPress.

  • 1.1 Million

    More Than 1.1 Million New Registered WordPress Domains Every 6 Months.

  • 2.28 Billion

    2.28 Billion WordPress-related searches on Google.

SEO Optimized

Helps search bots to better understand what your site is about and thus improve your website rankings.

Extreme Flexibility

The immense customization options make WordPress one of the best CMS platforms for those who want unique one.

Easy to Use

Non-technical persons can easily add, delete, & manage content using WordPress CMS for their business.

Mobile friendly

Acquire more business by catering to mobile users with a mobile-friendly responsive WordPress website.


Get a dependable tech expert to power up your web presence. Here are some USPs that make WPWeb the perfect partner for WordPress Migration Services.

  • Get Exceptional Experience

    We have served many happy customers in their WordPress migration services. The team will take care of each and every detail for a safe, secure, and error-free migration done successfully.

  • Custom Services

    We customize our offering to align with your exact migration needs. With such exclusivity, without any hassle, your migration needs will be satisfied with WordPress migration services.

  • 100% Secure Migration

    You get a totally secure migration experience. No need to worry about the loss of data or improper functioning for any element of the WordPress site. We will take care of all the details.

  • Maintain SEO Ranking

    You must have worked hard over many months to get a good ranking. Our dedicated migration experts know this, and hence our work doesn’t disturb your SEO ranking in any way.

  • Logical Work Process

    Our industry endorsed work process has yielded many success stories in WordPress migration. Hence, you can be assured of our caliber in this domain.

  • Ensure Business Continuity

    We aim to get the migration work done without impacting business continuity. This way, you experience 100% uptime at all times during the migration project.

  • Trouble-Free Process

    You experience zero hassles when you get the trusted team of experts for all in one WordPress Migration Services. Our agile methodology delivers outcomes as expected.

  • Best Quality in Overall Work

    We do not rely on automated tools for this process. We look at every single element that can be impacted during the process. This helps us carry out seamless work.


  • wpweb-arrow

    We enquire about your specific business needs to form your project. This way, we get a goal to target. We also assess the current site for potential issues.

  • Planning

    Our experts in WordPress website migration service formulate a detailed strategy to get the migration done without any impact on business continuity or routine operations.

  • wpweb-arrow
    Backup & Migration

    We get a backup of all crucial files and data to be moved. The various elements include the theme, core, plugin, coding, and the database.

  • Delivery

    We then make the migration successful by successfully moving your site to the new and latest WordPress CMS. We test it thoroughly to ensure no change to the functionality or look.

  • wpweb-arrow

    Post the delivery we provide support services in case you need any assistance. We will keep updating you on the real-time performance analysis report too.

FAQs About WordPress Migration Services

We aim to keep a minimal downtime. Your downtime majorly depends on how long your domain’s DNS needs to propagate. For the WordPress migration process we assign the best of our experts who are well-aware of the pros and cons involved during the process. Hence, we can assure you a minimal downtime with almost 99.9% uptime. In addition to the above we can work out and decide a time when your website is least active i.e. when you expect least web traffic. This will cause less friction during migration process

We do not leave any inadequacy during the migration process. Our WordPress migration specialists are extremely skilled to take care of each and every aspect involved in the migration.

Yes we surely can transfer to any hosting provider that supports WordPress requirements. To make sure we would suggest contacting the hosting provider before choosing their services. If you not sure which hosting provider to choose, we definitely recommend wpengine.com.

Its totally depends on the work involved. If you have a large database and plugins installed on your website, the time required to move them all would be more than compared to websites involving lesser data stored.

To get started with the WordPress Migration process, we would need you to provide your current and new hosting account details. Once we have transferred your website files and database, we would ask you to update your domain’s DNS.

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