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Get your WordPress site loading time to under 3 seconds today

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Website Speed Optimization service includes:

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    Image Optimization

    With image size optimization, your website loads quickly on visitor mobile or laptop. We have the competency to enable lossless image optimization to reduce file size without compromising on the image quality.

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    Theme & Plugins Analysis

    We carry out a complete audit of all themes and plugins installed on your WordPress site. You can then approve which ones to retain and which ones to discard. This step ensures a boost in site performance.

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    HTML code optimization

    Your WordPress site may be filled with redundant HTML code that you no longer use. You will get correctly minified, and W3S validated HTML code to power up the site performance. It also helps the site to load faster.

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    DB fine-tuning

    A lean database will add momentum to your site load speed. Get rid of unwanted content and ensure that that DB is never bloated. We help remove superfluous and unnecessary junk data to lower DB size.

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    Caching plugins

    To increase the site load speed, we use specialist caching plugins that can do a range of tasks which span image lazy loading and HTML - CSS & JS minification.

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    Hosting server analysis

    We also check the web hosting services and assess if it is the reason for slow site load speed.

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    Bad Requests

    Eliminate all bad requests in the form of broken links. Optimize the pages to ensure efficient page performance.

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    Minimal Requests

    As an additional technique to optimize speed, We enable thresholds on login attempts to access wp-login.php or xmlrpc.php file.

Why is improving performance so important?

We have a reputation as one of the best WordPress speed optimization services experts. You can be assured of blazing-fast site load speed when you hire us for WordPress optimization service.

Optimization Process

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    Submit Your Details
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    We Audit Your Site
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    Optimize & Improve
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    Maintenance & Support

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See what our customers are saying...

My WordPress blog is now loading quickly and the admin panel is much faster. Thank you so much, this is the kind of service I was looking for. Szabi Kisded I have been struggling with a slow WordPress website for a year now my website just opening in 3 seconds. I appreciate what they have done to my website. We have seen an increase in the number of customers and also decrease in bounce rate on our website. Thank you very much to WEPWEB team!
Stella Zapiti
WPWEB Speed Optimization Fix was extraordinary in completely resolving our speed issue. Excellent communication, solid advice and what a swift service. I am very impressed. Rob Pearce


We measure performance with GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights. If you do not see an improvement in the site performance scores we would be happy to look into and resolve it for you or issue a full refund if we fail to do it.

Our goal is always to achieve loading times of under 3 seconds. For majority of the websites we manage to load them under 3 seconds, which is the recommended loading time to hit according to Google.

Every website is different, so it depends on various aspects of the website and it may be impossible to achieve loading time under 3 seconds!

While optimizing a WordPress website we would work with W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, Smush it, WP Optimize and various other plugins depending on your requirements.

For visitors coming to your website from round the globe, then we recommend you to use a CDN to enrich the delivery of your website’s assets. We usually make use of CloudFlare or MaxCDN.

For local businesses with audiences limited to a single country, using a CDN might not be necessary. In this case, a reliable hosting company and a well-optimized website should be more than enough. If you’re using WP Engine hosting server then you do not need to use any CDN services as WP Engine provides their own CDN service.

For an eCommerce website speed of the site plays an important role and can have a major repercussion on the sites earning. To fulfill this it is essential to host your website on a good hosting server. as basic or startup level hosting services are usually not suitable for eCommerce stores. We highly recommend WP Engine’s hosting services for WordPress websites or WooCommerce stores.

We need a WordPress administrator account and an FTP account (or your cPanel/Hosting account details).

Yes, we would be happy to assist you, we offer a dedicated WordPress migration service.

Let’s talk about your dream project?

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