How much does it cost to create a real estate app?  One of the most crucial queries that arises when someone considers creating a real estate app is. Real estate apps are a contemporary trend that help entrepreneurs rent or sell their properties while also allowing customers to search for properties they like. To find out more about the features and price of developing a real estate app, read this blog.

Making an app is fine, but do you know what components it contains that will help real estate app consumers find what they’re thirsty for? Another consideration is the cost of staying vigilant. It makes sense that features are what give an app its interest, but they also have an impact on the price.

Being a leading Real Estate app development company we can help you know the best cost for creating a real estate app. 

The purpose of this post is to help you create or buy your next real estate application by highlighting the features and offering price estimations. We have made an effort to address nearly all significant topics on the characteristics and variables that affect costs in this blog.

You can make the greatest rental or purchase apps for homes with the aid of these market trends. To put it another way, you can create a strategy based on these.

Only Zillow and other real estate applications had 7.7 million downloads in the first quarter of 2021, compared to 47.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In 2020, there were 938,714 enterprises in the USA.

The worldwide real estate sector is projected to bring in $4,263.7 billion in revenue by 2025.

Over 90% of people would rather use house-buying applications than the website.

58% of millennials used a mobile real estate app to find the property of their dreams.

The Need for Real Estate App

Technology is advancing with time, and most industries have embraced digital platforms. One of these is the real estate sector. Every owner of a property business needs to come up with a creative solution because the real estate industry is quite competitive.

Assume you run a real estate company and require a platform to reach a wider customer base and increase revenue. Then, a mobile app development for real estate might be quite beneficial to you.

With the aid of real estate mobile app development services, all you have to do is plan, organize, develop, release, and skillfully market the app in accordance with current market trends and your unique business requirements.

If you want to release your app on the iPhone, you might be surprised to hear that more than 52% of smartphone owners in the US are iPhone users. It would therefore be excellent to hire iPhone app developers to assist you in releasing your company app.

Which App Types Should I Take Into Account When Developing a Real Estate App?

What Are The Types of Apps I Can Consider For Real-estate App Development?

It’s one of the most important things a business owner thinks about before creating an app for buying and selling real estate. The greatest option may be a personalized real estate app created to meet certain needs. But you might also consider the alternative kinds of real estate smartphone apps that are out there.

1. House For Sale App

House searching apps is another name for these applications. Apps for houses for sale give consumers lots of possibilities to locate the property they want. By implementing this concept, you can establish a rapport with the users and provide them with a robust search function that allows them to search based on many parameters, such as budget, geography, specific demands, and more.

2. The Marketplace App for Real Estate Services

The real estate app development industry’s most sought-after solution is one in which property owners and end users interact or converse. Using this app, a user can offer their property for sale or select a property to buy, allowing a buyer to message them. Using this concept, you may become a property aggregator and make money.

3. App for Real Estate Agents

These applications are being created to help real estate brokers. Agents register on the property’s agent platform, list their services, and invite potential clients to get in touch. Agents can conduct B2B transactions here as well.

4. The App for Renting Properties

Some prefer to rent a house for a set amount of time rather than purchase it. However, some people make a living by renting out their property. For those, a personalized real estate rental app is ideal.

Monetization of Real Estate App

It is obvious that your goal is to use the software to make money. Therefore, understanding how to monetize real estate apps would be ideal.

1. Emphasized Listing

One option is to charge for feature listing services, which would allow you to place a property seller’s profile and listing at the top in addition to other listings. Until they have a premium plan, a property seller’s ad will always appear at the top after they post it.

2. Public Relations Advertisement

Permitting outside parties to place their adverts on the real estate app is another option to make money off of it. To put it into practice, you can provide paid membership plans or paid marketing.

3. App With Commission

This is the most traditional way for an aggregator to profit from a real estate transaction; they get paid after the contract closes. Here, the software will pay you your commission straight.

4. Contractual Agreement

You can provide a range of subscription plans, including free, monthly, quarterly, and annual ones, by choosing this option. The user can select the appropriate plan. 

From Where I Can find Real-estate App Developers?

You can hire any developer to create the app, but can you be sure it will be successful? You should work with a real estate app developer with experience if you require a great app. It can be difficult to identify a skilled developer just by looking for talent.

Here are some actions you can take to complete the task more effectively:

1. Rival Analysis

It is unnecessary to discuss the level of market competitiveness and the number of rivals you face. Researching your competitors is the first important thing you need to accomplish. It will provide you with excellent insight into what other people are doing and how you may differentiate your app.

2. Shortlisting features

Features have a direct impact on user engagement and the app’s performance. The majority of smartphone users only utilize apps with features that are popular. You thus don’t want to overlook that.

3. Work with a Real Estate App Development Firm

Hiring a mobile app development company for real estate is one of the most important tasks.

To begin the process of locating a good business, you must:

  • Conduct online research
  • Make a shortlist of the firms,
  • Examine their portfolio and the comments from their clients.
  • Speak with the devs,
  • Select a recruiting model and get the development process underway.

However, it might be wiser to speak with a seasoned mobile app development business if you are still unclear.

The Features Should Include In Your Next Real Estate App

Your application will be developed with the assistance of an iPhone and Android development service provider, saving your clients a great deal of time and money in connecting to your business.

There are several elements that will not only keep clients entertained but also your business; have a look:

1. Accounts

Having a mobile application will enable you to provide each of your clients with a personalized account. Yes, all they have to do is sign up using either the email verification method or their social media account. Customers will then need to provide all of their personal information, including their email address and phone number.

They will find it simpler to advance the conversation as a result. Make sure that multiple interfaces are being used to assist dealers and customers. Thus, users may rest easy knowing that the application is secure and user-friendly!

2. Enumerations

In a real estate application, this feature is essential. Sure, feel free to inform the real estate app development business about this feature, and they will take the appropriate action to cover it.

They will create the list so that customers may comprehend the various services based on their budget. To proceed with simplicity, users can choose the services they want and complete the necessary information.

3. Pictures

Your users will undoubtedly comprehend the corresponding qualities better if you have pictures of them. Numerous app development businesses for iPhone and Android indicate that the majority of users and consumers are drawn to the visual depiction of the assets they are working with. To effortlessly view the films and photographs, all they have to do is click on the designated characteristics.

4. A map with the location

Location and maps are regarded as two of the most crucial components that any program has to have. This makes it easier for their dealers to provide the precise location of the property to their clients.

More than anything else, the customer’s ability to visit the place and inspect the property will increase the likelihood of a successful transaction. To increase your return on investment, you must work with a mobile app developer who can implement this feature.

5. My Best Markers

Users frequently overlook finding the same real estate property again while searching for it on an application. Such scenarios can be avoided if a property has a column that people love. This saves them from losing the properties they have chosen and loved in one column.

6. Lookup Field

Users would want to go straight to that part if they have a certain home in mind to buy. They can accomplish this by using the search function to locate and get in touch with the property they are interested in.

Customers can refine their search requirements based on a number of criteria, including budget, type, location, and other aspects. This choice will undoubtedly assist your clients in receiving what they need in the most effective manner.

7. Conversational AI

The cutting-edge apps include chatbots. It will significantly improve user engagement for your next real estate app. You’ll also be able to save money on customer service. You can also hire chatbot developers if you need a specific chatbot.

8. Virtual Reality

Almost all apps available now use augmented reality technology. Including this concept in the real estate app is very wonderful. Despite how amazing the property is, a customer can browse it digitally without physically being there.

Cost of Real Estate App Development

The typical cost of developing a real estate app is between $8,000 to $25,000 for basic capabilities; the price will vary depending on the features you require. However, the following variables also have an impact on the price of developing a real estate application.

1. Design of User Interface/UX

The real estate application’s user experience and user design are crucial, however working with expert mobile app developers can get expensive because they provide premium services.

2. Development of Backend

The pursuit of backend development remains unabated. Organizing your content management system and providing extensive client support in accordance with their needs will incur a fee.

3. The quantity of developers

The quantity of developers affects the price of mobile app developers as well. Costs will increase with the number of developers working on the project.

4. Feature Involvement

The basic app continues to be less expensive than sophisticated apps with plenty of features. Therefore, it will cost more than the basic version if you want to integrate more features.

5. Orientation to the Platform

Another important factor influencing the price of developing a real estate app is platform orientation. For instance, the price of an iOS mobile app development firm and an Android app development company differs. Developing an iPhone app continues to be more expensive than developing an Android one.

6. App Launching and Submission

There is a charge associated with submitting the software to the appropriate play store. The $25 Google Play store fee and the $95 Apple App Store fee are part of the total cost of your app.

7. Mobile Advertising

The cost is also influenced by app marketing. However, it will be worthwhile. It functions in the manner that if a promotion campaign is successful, it will draw people in and raise the likelihood of more onboarding.


Building a successful real estate app requires careful planning and consideration of features that enhance user experience.  This includes functionalities like search filters, property listings with visuals, and communication tools. By incorporating these elements and partnering with experienced developers, you can create an app that streamlines the real estate search process for both property seekers and agents.