Refund Policy Main Terms:

We are in the business of Technology Development and it’s a service-based business. We don’t offer any tangible product to our clients which can be returned for a refund.

  • Developer agrees and acknowledges that it may entertain refund requests from the Client within 48 hours of the project initiation. In such a scenario, the Client agrees and acknowledges that the client shall accept a reasonable refund amount. The reasonable refund amount may be actual fees paid reduced by relevant taxes and 10% administration charges.
  • The client accepts, agrees, and acknowledges that IT project shall be executed based on a complete analysis and scope document. This shall be a prerequisite in order to make sure that Developer’s teams get a complete understanding of the work needed to be done and thereby chances of project cancellation or termination shall be avoided. In case the client is unable to finalize the analysis and scope document then the client agrees and acknowledges that the developer shall never be held responsible for any refund. The client accepts, agrees, and acknowledges that IT project shall be under the purview of milestones (modules) which shall be taken as a basis for direction / road-map. Therefore, Both the parties agree and acknowledge that there shall be no question for any refund of completed milestones (modules).
  • However, Developer agrees and acknowledges that Developer may refund advanced fees (if any) for future milestones in the case of mutual termination of the project.
  • The client accepts, agrees, and acknowledges that the client shall not have any rights including but not limited to IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) over any work done which is subject to refund. The client further accepts, agrees, and acknowledges that the developer shall be the sole owner for the said work done and may use it as per their requirements without any permissions from the client.
  • If any client would approach our employees indirectly by-passing the company to complete the job by any external ways. In this case, the company is not bound to refund the amount already paid.
  • The company is not bound to pay the refund if the client is breaching any of the company’s policies.

Exceptions to above terms:

  • Refunds shall never be entertained in any case for those Services that Developer has offered to the client on special occasions. These shall be termed as limited occasion offers and therefore refunds shall never be entertained in any case.
  • Development Services and Consulting – if the services opted by the client are T&M (Time & Material) based services or Hire Dedicated Developer services then refunds shall be never entertained in any case.

Cancellation Policy:

WPWeb Elite, also offers Cancellation Policy Main Terms to clients where they can request to cancel their project. If you would like to cancel your project, you must have to send a Cancellation Request mail to our PMO (Project Management Office). If you once got a confirmation for project cancellation from our PMO, it means your cancellation request has been accepted.

  • We will take approx. 2 to 3 weeks time to process any type of Cancellation requests.
  • If you request the cancellation of your project, you must consider the services level agreement.
  • It’s mutual understanding, if you request cancellation of your project, you must have to pay for the invested efforts on your project.
  • Payment Priority: If we will not receive the payment on behalf of invested efforts, any project related materials such as Source Code, Design, and any deliverables will not be delivered.
  • Beta Delivery fact: Once your requested project is released for the Beta Delivery, it cannot be cancelled.

Delivery Policy:

As we explained that we are a salient IT Development Service provider and we don’t deliver any tangible item so there is no chance of missing or misplacement of any item. We are a technology Development Company and the form of delivery is always in form of design files, compiled applications, software code, etc. After getting delivery, you can save these features as per your convenience into any storage media. WPWeb Elite can redeliver the same electronic files to you within 30 days thereafter, WPWeb Elite is not responsible for those electronic files.

  • For Fixed price projects, the source code would be delivered to the client’s server once the full payment is released from the client’s end until then the client would be provided with an access to a testing environment on our server, wherein they would be free to test the functionality of the development/project.
  • After delivery WARRANTY (mentioned in the outline) would be entertained only for the bugs/changes that are found in the portion/part developed by us,. Any other extra changes / bugs would be charged as extra on hourly basis.