A consumer buying a commodity is, conclusively, a subjective matter. Nevertheless, there are factors in peripheral contributing to the decision made by a customer as well. The buying of a commodity; hence, is a product of objective and subjective facets of it.

WooCommerce and EDD can easily be called the two most accepted E-commerce plugins that are used for WordPress. Choosing between these two can cause a dilemma, too because of their similarities and core features. In-depth knowledge of all the facilities and services provided by these two eCommerce plugins can allow a consumer to understand which option is better for them.

When starting a business online through WordPress, people often wonder which plugin can provide them with efficient means to help them achieve their goals. If you are looking for extensions available through WooCommerce Plugin Development Company and extensions from EDD Plugin Development Company, here is an article for you to make a clearer choice.

Introduction to WooCommerce!

Built on WordPress, the WooCommerce solution is flexible and an open-source eCommerce solution – which means you have full ownership of data, without the interference of a web developer. It can help you whether you wish to launch a new business, bring back an existing mortar store online, or create an entirely new site with your original designs.

WooCommerce was created to broadly have a strong focus on making stores, which sell physical products. Custom WooCommerce Development Company provides a freemium plugin, which can transform your website (made on the open-source platform – WordPress) into an online shopping portal.

Developed in the year 2011 by WooThemes, WooCommerce is an easy-to-use plugin. WooCommerce has had over 3M installations that are active according to the last recorded statistics; they can be easily downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory for free.

Why choose WooCommerce? The Pros!

In addition to the features of an eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce offers certain facilities that are beyond the threshold of basic. WooCommerce Development Company, with this plugin, allows a customer to:

  1. WooCommerce is free, and it does not cost you anything.
  2. Choose any design from the variety of themes availed by WooCommerce to suit the aesthetic of the customer’s site
  3. Enhance the facets of their store through paid services, but there are also several free extensions, which can add features in one’s site and fit in with local as well as global eCommerce web services, with the help of WooCommerce Store Development
  4. Examine and make changes in any feature of the core plugin code
  5. Build on top of the REST API and webhooks
  6. Have control over hooks and filters, which allows one to modify the functions of the plugin
  7. Enjoy a bug-free site because of regular updates

Why say ‘No’ to WooCommerce? The Cons!

With the provision of pros, there come a few cons of a commodity in the eyes of a consumer as well. Some features of WooCommerce may pose a negative aspect of the software for certain consumers:

  1. Sometimes the free extensions and themes do not fit the requirements of a customer, hence paying for a feature becomes a necessity
  2. It is difficult to navigate through it without knowing how WooCommerce and WordPress function

Albeit the minor cons of WooCommerce, it incorporates a user-friendly interface and many features for free, which are easy for you to use without the help of a web developer. Therefore, you can make decisions basing on the factor whether the cons outweigh the pros.

Introduction to Easy Digital Download!

Like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download is a freemium plugin – having over 60,000 active installations – which allows you to start a business through your WordPress and run it with ease. EDD has been mainly designed for handling digital products, including software, photos, documents, songs, graphics, eBooks, and other sorts of media files. This allows us to acknowledge an evident difference in the structure of its framework and WooCommerce.

A veteran, Mr. Pippin Williamson (WordPress plugin developer) designed EDD Development Company; a Support and Development team currently handle it. This eCommerce plugin allows you to have a platform where it becomes convenient for you to run your business, especially if it consists of digital products.

Why choose Easy Digital Downloads? The Pros!

Although with fewer features, EDD has a better user-friendly interface and has its benefits. Because of its simple functions and easy handling, EDD is preferred by new businesses that are yet to delve into the world of online business.

  1. EDD has more than a dozen languages, which allows people to control the functions in their native language and have natural control over the doings on their site
  2. It has provisioned payment methods that are accepted worldwide, which allows you to reach a larger consumer audience and makes it easier for you to handle monetary or deals
  3. There are several extensions that you can use to make your site from convenient for use, and more pretty to look at
  4. It avails extensions, which help in digital marketing and allows to connect with, and keep track of, consumers and vendors easily

Why say ‘No’ to Easy Digital Downloads? The Cons!

Even if EDD has a simple framework and does not have many complexities, there are certain facets of this software, which may become a negative aspect for some customers.

  1. It accepts payment methods that work worldwide, but sometimes you must pay for the extensions that provide those payment gateways
  2. EDD may seem plain in comparison with WooCommerce
  3. Limited customer service

For some consumers, the services provided by Easy Digital Downloads prove to be a better option depending on their business and products.

Frequent Ask Questions

If I want some modification with default features of the EDD plugin then is it possible to do?

Yes, Easy Digital Downloads plugin is optimized and have extensive code. So, there are many plugin development agencies available on the market which will help you to customize your needs. If you would like to know in depth we can surely help you. Get in touch with us today!

Final Thoughts!

As said before, it completely depends upon the consumer on what they choose depending on the products they wish to sell, and the knowledge about WordPress they possess. But no matter which option you choose, it is important to consider deploying the best and fastest operating custom WordPress development platform.

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