WooCommerce: In brief

WooCommerce refers to an e-commerce plug-in for WordPress. It offers ample flexibility and features to build and run an online store. Consider these stats below:

  1. Over 29.25% of all e-commerce stores out there are running on WooCommerce. Squarespace holds the second position with 20.21% of the market share. And Shopify follows with 12.33%. Clearly, WooCommerce is the winner in this segment.
  1. WooCommerce has 70% of usage distribution. It’s indeed the most popular plug-in/module across the internet.

These stats above speak volumes about the big success of WooCommerce. Hence hiring a WooCommerce website development company will be a smart business move for your online retail store needs.

Below are six compelling factors that make WooCommerce the best platform.

1. WooCommerce is Highly Cost-Effective

Pricing is one of the key aspects when you’re starting your online retail store. There are many e-commerce applications in the market. They offer services from free to thousands of dollars per year. But the price doesn’t decide how good the platform is!

WooCommerce has proved its competence over the years. That’s why it’s one of the leading e-commerce platforms. It offers a high-quality online store at reasonable pricing. It enables you to build e-commerce with the latest features, all within your budget.

2. Excellent Storefront Customization

Your storefront is the first thing your website visitors will see. People only take 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website. If the website design looks dull, it reduces credibility.

Thankfully, WooCommerce allows you to create a super attractive store. It gives you more than 40 themes for free. You can also get premium themes that convey your brand image perfectly. There are countless themes available for WooCommerce. So you can surely find the right one for your site.

Such a website is sure to meet your customer’s expectations when you hire a reliable expert in custom WooCommerce development services. They can build an online store that suits your business.

3. Built-in Features and Plug-ins to Power up the Site

Most of e-commerce applications offer features for an online store. But none of the platforms come closer to what WooCommerce offers. Your business may deal with sports, healthcare, legal, automotive, or any other industry.

WooCommerce has all the right features and plug-ins needed for your business. You also get endless customization and fluid CMS. It offers ample features for products too. It also has premium add-ons you can use as your business grows.

It also provides geo-location support and accepts multiple currencies. In all senses, you can create a highly functional website using all such features.

4. SEO-Friendly and Content-Rich Platform

You may have a beautiful website. But, if it doesn’t show up in the search results for a relevant query, it’s no use. SEO has a key role in the ranking of your website. When you use WooCommerce with WordPress, you are sure to get your products ranked.

Thanks to WordPress, it is super compatible with SEO. It also offers a superb content management system. You can easily post content on your website. And as you may already know, content drives sales.

You can hire a WooCommerce store development team to get an SEO optimized website on WooCommerce.

5. It’s Perfect for Selling

WooCommerce has all the features needed for an e-commerce store. It offers over 100 payment gateways. You can easily add them to your store. You can also choose from multiple shipping methods.

Further, you can configure shipping zones and classes. It provides easy management of your stock and orders. You can also avail of mobile-friendly themes. You can say it has every feature successful e-commerce store needs.

6. Comes with Powerful Analytics

As an e-commerce owner, you should know your customers. You need to know how customers interact with your online store. It helps to understand the buying behavior of your customers too.

When you use the services of a WooCommerce website developer, you can leverage the full power of its analytics feature. They can integrate your website with other tools like Google Analytics. Anyway, the insights offered by WooCommerce are accurate. And they can help you grow your business in no time.

Frequent Ask Questions

Is WooCommerce is useful for my business as it’s flexible and supports digital downloadable products. What is your opinion?

It depends on your business website if you are selling just digital contents only then you must go with digital Easy Digital Download platform as it’s purely made for digital products selling.

If I want some modification with default features of the WooCommerce plugin then is it possible to do?

Yes, WooCommerce plugin is optimized and have extensive code. So, there are many plugin development agencies available on the market which will help you to customize your needs. If you would like to know in depth we can surely help you. Get in touch with us today!

To Conclude

Those were the six factors that make WooCommerce the best e-commerce platform. It offers impressive storefront customization. Even more, you can benefit from the advanced built-in features.

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