In India, Gift cards are in a craze right now. Also, in the USA, they are the second-best thing to gift people, and according to the Australian market, the estimated Gift card market is between 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion annually. I can go on and on and tell you different stats of different countries showing why gift cards are in demand and will forever be in demand.

If we are really honest, buying gifts for people can be tiresome. So people prefer to give them Gift cards so that their loved ones can redeem them and purchase products from the store anytime they want to. Therefore you can see how much Gift cards are in demand, and so if you are having an eCommerce store, you should add Best WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins that can generate Gift cards, and users can gift it to their loved ones. If you want to increase WooCommerce Conversion Rate, experts will say add WooCommerce Gift Cards cause it’s a very powerful tactic. And therefore if you needed a customized WooCommerce plugin for your eCommerce store you should opt for a WooCommerce Plugin Development Company.

There’s no better day than today, so if you haven’t started using WooCommerce digital gift vouchers, then do it today only. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the best WooCommerce Gift Voucher & Promotion Plugins, which you install in your WooCommerce store, and sell gift cards at your store. There are 1000’s of plugins that will help you to add Gift cards to your store. But I promise once you read this list you then don’t need to go anywhere else.

Benefits of Adding WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin to your Store

  1. Using Gift cards will boost your revenue and increase cash flow.
  2. There are templates for all occasions so the user can choose accordingly.
  3. You will be able to generate brilliant brand exposure.
  4. The customer can redeem the Voucher anytime they want to.
  5. Customers can create customized vouchers and gift them.
  6. At the time of the disaster, small businesses can discount their store gift cards. So, in tough times they can collect some upfront cash, and they can sustain their business.
  7. The customer can send the vouchers to multiple recipients.
  8. Your brand value will also increase as customers can easily purchase a gift voucher instead of spending hours deciding which gift to buy.
  9. It helps in reducing fraud when a customer tries to make an expired return of cash.
  10. You can bring some new customers through this. With the help of the Word of mouth strategy, you can reach a global audience through Gift cards & Gift certificates.
  11. With the help of the Word of mouth strategy, you can reach a global audience through Gift cards & Gift certificates.

1. WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers is the best plugin and also very popular, that can create unlimited PDF Vouchers that a customer can redeem online or in person. It is the best solution for gift vouchers, rewards, promotions, event tickets, movie tickets, and also sports game tickets so that your customer can have total flexibility. You can create unlimited vouchers, either for Local Businesses / Local Stores or even online stores. WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin will give your business a subtle push. You can also redeem voucher codes at online stores or physical locations. The decision is all yours; this guarantees a smooth operation and makes the life of your customer easy.

This plugin allows you to create voucher products, gift products, and also you can generate multiple voucher templates. The plugin is very well coded by following all WordPress Development Coding Standards, and you can easily extend it. Developer Docs and ready made code snippets are available which can be useful for those who wants them. They also have a dedicated portal where users can submit their ideas about any feature addition to any of their existing plugins or for developing absolutely new ones.

The plugin does not come alone, but with a bundle pack of must-needed add-Ons like import vouchers which will help you to migrate the voucher system from other plugins to WooCommerce PDF vouchers. Reverse Redemption will help you if you redeem your voucher by mistake and if you want to undo your mistake. Also, OTP verification will secure your voucher and won’t allow strangers to redeem your Voucher. It’s automated, secure, and easy to manage with strong powerful admin and reporting features that will help you to keep track of your voucher codes.

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers Features:

  • You can create vouchers easily with the help of, Drag and Drop builder
  • You can deliver the voucher online or offline
  • Online and offline voucher redemption is also possible
  • Voucher can be redeemed in part(Partial Redemption)
  • You can customize the voucher at micro level as per your requirement
  • You can customize the mail to automatically notify the vendor when their vouchers are sold out
  • For a gift voucher, you can automatically send a notification mail to the customer’s recipient
  • You can allow unlimited redemption of the same voucher codes
  • According to the limit given you can redeem the voucher
  • You can export all the reports of the voucher in PDF and CSV
  • OTP verification allows you to send OTP either on email or mobile via SMS on voucher code redemption
  • Admin can resend the Gift cards
  • Gift voucher is password protect and can be opened with correct password only
  • Schedule delivery date option
  • There are multiple discount methods for e.g. you can give a discount on cart subtotal or cart total
  • Generate one combined PDF for all vouchers, instead of generating one PDF per one voucher
  • Before placing a purchase, preview a personalized PDF voucher on the Product Detail page
  • It automatically generates coupon codes
  • Vendors can set their own logo, Website URL, Location, and more
  • Admin and Vendor can have detailed reports on all purchased, redeemed, and expired voucher codes
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Supports QR and BARCODE for easy and quick scanning
  • Import Codes add-on enables importing and validation of voucher codes in large numbers
  • you can undo the redemption that is done by mistake
  • Vouchers are easily adaptable for variable products
  • Effortless Voucher management

This is the best in the market that you can say ALL IN ONE as compared to other plugins in a market as this covered gift cards, product vouchers, offline and online delivery, and redemptions of the voucher codes. They also update the plugin regularly and customize the plugin as per the client’s requirement.

Price – $45 USD (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

2. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

YITH Gift Cards

WooCommerce Gift Cards, you will be able to sell gift cards on your WooCommerce store. And the best thing about this plugin is you can set a fixed amount for each of the cards you are selling or let the user decide the limit while purchasing the card. By applying for gift cards in your store, you enhance conversion and improve customer loyalty. It also has a smooth interface because of which you can customize the gift certificate easily.

It also provides shortcodes that you are able to use inside the voucher.  Also, in the premium version of the YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards, you are able to integrate the smart coupons, you can convert the store credit, and also change Gift Certificate coupons into Gift card coupons.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Features:

  • You are able to manage stock of each card product
  • Optional QR code in gift cards is enabled
  • Users can enter the sender’s name and customized message
  • Allows users to enter a custom gift card amount
  • You can set up an image gallery with limitless categories
  • Your customer can upload the image they want to and build a unique gift card
  • There can be multiple recipients
  • If you want you can schedule delivery date options
  • Advance management
  • Advance customization of cart and checkout page option

The best part of this plugin is its seamless configuration into the website and its regular updates but the cost of this plugin is very high as compared to other plugins.

Price – $129.99 USD / Year (Annual Subscription) including 1 year support & updates.

3. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

WooCommerce users are very happy and satisfied with the gift card extension, which will handle all the functions needed. So, the customer can send a digital voucher as a gift, this will help you in gaining new followers and amplify the experience of shopping for existing customers. You can easily set up the plugin. You can easily set up the gift cards at your nearby store in a matter of minutes. Also, it decreases the check-out speed cause the customer can use the available funds there’s in the card while checking out.

For any upcoming events, you can create gift vouchers or cards very easily without much effort. May it be a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s Day, or anything. Also, E-Gift cards are very much in demand so, offering digital gift cards increases customer loyalty, can drive more revenue, and you are able to introduce new customers to your store.

Gift Cards Features:

  • It is suitable for each and every occasion
  • You can send a personal message to the recipient
  • Add multiple recipients
  • Generate balance reports for issued, purchased, and expired code
  • It can also create expiring codes
  • Search and edit issued gift certificates by code, sender, or recipient
  • Import and export gift card codes
  • You can send the gift card to multiple recipients all at once
  • You can login and search the transaction that has been done store-wide. You can do it either by code or by the customer

The gift card plugin is good if you have a purpose to sell gift cards only and not planning to use it as an alternative like selling tickets, product vouchers, etc. The plugin will send gift cards as an email template so, if you want to design your own vouchers, you cannot do it. Also features like partial redemption, unlimited redemption, cart total discount, which other plugins are providing are not in this plugin.

Price – $49 USD / Year (Annual Subscription) including 1 year support & updates.

4. PDF Product Voucher

PDF Product Voucher by skyverge

PDF Product Voucher by SkyVerge makes it easy for your online store to connect to an on-ground business, exchange gifts, and many more things. This plugin is used, for tickets to an online event, gifts for in-store purchases, and this plugin also provides redemption for a gift when you visit a retail store.

You can also gift these vouchers to your friends or family with a personalized recipient name. The core coupon of PDF product vouchers can offer discounts to the customer, but it is not allowed to sell this coupon in-store. So, therefore it can’t be redeemed in person at the store.

PDF Product Voucher Features:

  • You can manually add a voucher. The manually added voucher will appear in My Account → voucher area for the customer
  • With the help of “Edit Voucher,” you are able to customize maximum voucher details
  • You can add product details such as SKU
  • You can also mark the voucher as void so that it can’t be redeemed further.
  • Customers can have a personalized voucher
  • You can further redeem it in your online store
  • With the help of voucher no. you can find the customer voucher
  • It supports partial redemption
  • You can create printable certificates with variable amounts and for that, you have to use the name of your price extension

This plugin can be used for selling gift cards and product vouchers, and you can design your vouchers using the voucher builder, but if you are building a website that has multiple stores to accept and redeem the code, this plugin is not for you as this plugin allows only admins to redeem the code at physical locations.

Price – $129. USD / Year (Annual Subscription) including 1 year support & updates.

5. WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards

With the help of WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards, you are able to create, sell and manage gift cards at your online store. And it is commutable through WhatsApp, SMS, and email, and this feature makes the plugin unique and best. And you can download the gift card very easily for offline printing.

The customization options of WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards are very extensive. You are able to send gift certificates as QR codes or BARcodes. As a vendor, you are able to design and create beautiful gift cards for special occasions and festivals so that they can attract more and more customers that too with the flexibility of amount. There are 20+ designs and templates available to use.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards Features:

  • Vendors are able to create gift cards as a product in WooCommerce
  • Varied price range: Default price, selected price, user price
  • You can also assign a gift card template to a product. So, when you buy the product that gift card will be assigned to you
  • Vendors can exclude some categories from gift card coupons, the coupon codes will not be applied on excluded products
  • Coupon amount can be used multiple times
  • Vendors can also set the expiry date
  • Minimum or maximum cart amount can be set to apply the coupon
  • Vendors can also set that the coupon can be used by a single user or multiple users
  • Email notification
  • Vendors can schedule gift cards or resend gift cards if they want to
  • Shipping of the gift card product can be done

This plugin was specifically developed to sell gift cards and is very easy to configure, but this is the gift card plugin that should follow the TAX rules for each country. The plugin does have that setting, but that is globally applied and not available at gift product settings so, you will not be able to sell single-purpose and multi-purpose gift cards together. Also features like partial redemption, unlimited redemption, cart total discount, which other plugins are providing are not in this plugin.

Price – $30 USD (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

Gift Card Plugins Features Comparison Table

Voucher builder
Online redemption
Offline redemption
Product variation Support
Email notification
Partial redemption
Unlimited redemption
Voucher usage limit
Voucher expiration
Export reports
Custom CSS
Resend gift card
Voucher password protection
Gift date scheduler
Selling single and multipurpose codes together
Cart total discount
Automatic code generation
Multiple voucher templates
Multivendor support
QR code support
Bar code support
Voucher preview
Check voucher validity
Support All characters
Reverse Redemption
OTP verification
Import voucher codes
One combine PDF for all voucher

Choosing the Best Gift Card Plugin

To wrap up, for your business you may sell gift cards to boost the company’s income and expand its customer base. You will advertise your eCommerce store in time to new consumers that receive the gift card and make a loyal customer base. Hopefully, the above list allowed you to find the Best Gift Cards plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Now, if you check all of the above Gift Card plugins and also check the comparison chart, you can already see that WooCommerce PDF Vouchers is excelling in everything. And all these additional features help you to improve user experience and this will take your WooCommerce store to new heights.

Also be sure to learn more about more eCommerce plugins which will be beneficial for you with gift card plugins, like WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin and Social Auto Poster, this will  make your WooCommerce store more appealing to your audience.

Best WooCommerce Gift Cards and Promotion Plugins