According to the marketing principle, it is believed that retaining previous customers is much more difficult than acquiring a new one. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep your customers obsessed with your brand for future purchases. Support and response to the customers help in saving your customers who have a purchase history with you.

A proven strategy suggests that offering Points and Rewards to your customers helps build long-term relationships with them. This blog will discuss some of the Best WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugins that you can use in your eCommerce store or if you are in need of another custom WooCommerce plugin for your store, you have to choose the best WooCommerce Plugin Development Company.

WPWeb Infotech has an exclusive list of the Best WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugins that help you in rewarding your customer during sign-up, referrals, product purchases, writing reviews, social promotion, and much more on your eCommerce website.

Your clients can easily claim the reward points to buy products from your eCommerce store or redeem them at your nearest physical store. You can also set the expiry date of the voucher and reward points generated by your site users. Some plugins can also allow customers to send reward points to other site members.

Advantages Of Using WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform to choose from when it comes to developing an online store. In a survey, 82 out of 100 store owners stated that they were ready to witness increased sales and revenue once they introduced the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

So let’s move to the chase.

  1. Best WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugins are helping stores to extend sales numbers and revenue
  2. A point reward system can help build a loyal customer base at the end of the day
  3. WooCommerce rewards can help grow your brand value and Word-of-Mouth marketing
  4. You get to extend customer lifetime value which eventually increases revenue and reduces the churn rate
  5. Finally, an efficient WooCommerce reward system can assist you to stay before your competitors

Check out these WordPress WooCommerce reward points plugins and choose your favorite from the below list.

1. BRAVO WooCommerce Points And Rewards

Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards WordPress Plugins

BRAVO WooCommerce Points & Rewards extension allows you to set a limit of Points and Rewards per purchase of your customer. This threshold can be set at your convenience i.e. you can set it per product, per category, or globally. The plugin gives you control over the customization and reward point/loyalty point management. This plugin also allows you to manage discounts on the product Points and Rewards in each category. Other exciting features of this plugin are managing customers’ points, removing points for refunded orders, resetting points, controlling the maximum points, earning points for selling points, etc.

At WPWeb, we are also happy to develop a custom module based on your requirements to make the plugin successful for any user. We also have a dedicated portal where users can submit their ideas about any feature addition to any of our existing plugins or for developing absolutely new ones.  Hence if we receive more votes for any particular idea we usually add that feature to our main plugin or create an addon for existing ones. In case it is a site-specific feature we are also happy to develop a custom WordPress plugin from scratch.

BRAVO WooCommerce Points and Rewards Features:

  1. Earn Points for each purchase
  2. Points expiration facility
  3. Import/export or share user’s points
  4. Reward customer purchases with redeemable points for a discount
  5. The convenient offering of discounts based on the conversion rate you set
  6. Points can be earned for selling products based on the conversion rate set by you
  7. You can simply allow your customers to shop for points as per the conversion rate set by you
  8. Control the maximum discount
  9. Earning points for the first purchase
  10. Include previous loyal customers in your system for Points and Rewards for their future purchases
  11. Reward points to customers for actions like signing up
  12. Manage Customer’s Points
  13. Earn points for product variations
  14. Shows the history of Points and Rewards on a product page
  15. Exclude products and user roles from the points and the reward system
  16. Let your customers check their points of information
  17. Remove points for refunded orders
  18. Reset points for all or specific users from the user’s list using a bulk action
  19. Manage minimum cart total requirement to earn/redeem points
  20. Send email notifications for expiry, earned and redeemed points
  21. Prevent coupon usage when points are redeemed
  22. Automatic points redeemed on the cart page

The best part of this plugin is the active support. Support for this plugin is available 24*7 and is extremely responsive. This improves the efficiency and productivity of the plugin. Also, this plugin covers all the necessary features that a Points and Rewards system needs and the developer team keeps improving the plugin by making regular updates with the added new features by following all WordPress Development Coding Standards.

Price – 45 USD (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

2. YITH WooCommerce Points And Rewards


YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin will allow you to manage point collections to make your existing customers happy, and for every purchase, they’re going to collect points which will become a reduction amount on a replacement purchase. you’ll easily apply different filters supporting user roles and customize the earning and redeeming points for all the customers in your shop. It also allows you to notify the purchasers when their point credit changes and therefore the point’s expiry date.

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Features:

  1. Allows you to line an expiry date for points
  2. Assign points to newly registered users
  3. Checkout Total thresholds
  4. Assign extra points for targets achieved
  5. Remove points for canceled or refunded orders
  6. Easily customize all labels for users
  7. Specify rules for product category and tag
  8. Increase or decrease the points
  9. Enable the shop managers to edit users’ points
  10. Assign points to simple and variable products
  11. Assign extra points for targets achieved
  12. Include in your system previous loyal customers
  13. Show the number of points provided by each product
  14. Show logged-in users’ current points
  15. Choose the way to calculate the discount
  16. Show points history
  17. Reset points option etc

The best part of this plugin is its seamless configuration into the website and its regular updates but the cost of this plugin is very high compared to other plugins.

Price – 129.99 USD/Year (Annual Subscription) including 1-year support & updates.

3. WPLoyalty


Reward customers for every action they perform in your store. WPLoyalty is a WooCommerce Points and rewards plugin that lets you reward loyalty points to customers for purchasing, signing up, writing a review, social sharing, and referrals & special occasions. Foster customer loyalty in your store by offering rewards and acquiring new customers by running a Referral program using WPLoyalty.

Allow your customers to easily discover the points and rewards they earned by displaying them on a customizable rewards page. WPLoyalty is equipped with a clean, user-friendly dashboard that lets you check your campaign data in real time. Getting started with WPLoyalty is pretty straightforward, no complex navigation & no coding knowledge is needed. You can launch a loyalty campaign within minutes, also make use of various reward conditions & create multiple loyalty campaigns right away using WPLoyalty.

WPLoyalty Features:

  1. Every customer gets a referral link.
  2. Fixed, Percentage & Free shipping rewards.
  3. Free product reward.
  4. Referral rewards for both Referrer and Referral.
  5. Points for birthday.
  6. Rewards for social sharing.
  7. Flexible reward conditions.
  8. Various goal-based rewards.
  9. View campaign data based on Currency & Timeline.
  10. The rewards page can be customized to suit brand style.
  11. Manually assign points.
  12. Reward customers based on lifetime order value.
  13. Cart subtotal-based rewards.
  14. Offer bonus points when a referral completes the first purchase.
  15. Specific product-based rewards.
  16. Real-time analytics on a clean dashboard.

Price –Get a WPLoyalty starter pack at 99 USD/yr.

4. SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System


SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce WordPress plugin will reward your customers for a signup, product purchase, referrals, writing reviews, and social promotion on your website. Your clients can easily redeem the points on their future purchases. It offers fixed points for product purchases or rewards by the share of the worth. it’s entirely compatible with WPML & is translation-ready, and you’ll set the utmost redeeming points limit within the cart on the settings page. Your members also can send the points to the opposite registered members. The reward points are often set at the merchandise level, category level, and global level.

SUMO Reward Points Plugin Features:

  1. Helps to make an efficient reward system on your WooCommerce (Woo)store
  2. Assign points for various scenarios like product purchases, reviews, referrals, social promotion, etc
  3. Set reward points for all products in your catalog, or just for specific ones or categories
  4. Allow customers to redeem points for cash, or transfer them to other customers
  5. Set minimum and maximum limits for points redemption
  6. Members can send points to other registered members
  7. Exclude Products/Categories from Redeeming Points
  8. SMS Notification using Twilio or Nexmo
  9. Import/Export Users and Reward Points in CSV
  10. User restriction

This plugin comes with many features and it’s everything that a simple point and rewards system need but the plugin has numerous settings that you have to configure which may be considered a drawback. Hence, it always takes time and complexity while configuring this plugin.

Price – 49 USD (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

5. WooCommerce Points And Rewards

wc points and rewards

WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin helps you reward your customers for purchases also as other actions that you simply want them to require on your store. you’ll find out a scientific approach to grant points that are supported by different criteria relevant to your store. While using this plugin, you’ll have complete control over the reward system by setting limits to the allocation of points and associated discounts. you’ll allot points globally across your entire product range or only to get specific products or categories.

It gives you excellent scope to line up conversion rates for reward points. For instance, you’ll set a rate that defines a selected number of reward points that are only to be converted to discounts during a sale. More importantly, you’ll set limits that determine what percentage points are often availed for one purchase. Customers are going to be ready to view and manage their points balance from their My Account page. The plugin also offers extensive customization options to personalize your reward system, and also to speak with customers.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Features:

  1. Easily create a gift system by defining points for purchases and actions and assign discount values for point redemption
  2. Encourage customers to check in for your newsletters or to go away with product reviews by assigning points for these actions
  3. Set limits to the utmost discount value at the merchandise, category, or cart levels
  4. Simple settings for patrons to manage their points balance
  5. Store owners can easily access the points changes made by individual customers
  6. Define what percentage points are earned for purchases, and therefore the value of points for discounts
  7. Control the utmost discount which will be earned using points at the cart, category, or product level
  8. Award points for actions like signing up or writing a product review
  9. Apply points earned to all or any previous orders so customers can start redeeming points for discounts immediately
  10. Quickly adjust the points balance for a customer
  11. View a log of all points changes made for patrons

This plugin is available on the WooCommerce store so definitely, the code quality is standard and it also covers all the features except the import/export feature. However, you are spending 129 USD for this plugin and thus it becomes obvious to check the reviews before buying this product. The overall ratings for this plugin are 2.9 on the WooCommerce store.

Price – 129 USD / Year (Annual Subscription) including 1-year support & updates.

6. WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards


WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards – The WordPress plugin will reward your customers on signups, product purchases, and reviews of the merchandise and therefore the customers will get the rewards for his or her or collect points for purchasing the merchandise from your store. The purchasers can easily convert these rewards to coupons and apply discounts on the cart, and therefore the merchant can set the expiry date of the coupons generated by the users.

This is another interesting choice to create a loyalty program in your store as you’ll assign points to customers for purchases and they are going to be able to redeem the points as coupons or discounts. With its unique settings, it’ll assist you to retain existing customers while attracting new customers. The plugin even allows you to make multi-tiered membership levels which will allow you to create different discount rates for points redemption.

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards Plugin Features:

  1. Purchase Products through Points
  2. Coupon Generation
  3. Per Dollar Spent Points
  4. Referral Purchase Point Feature
  5. Points Expiration
  6. Share Reward Point Feature
  7. Points Log Feature
  8. Assign Product Points
  9. Return/Deduct Points
  10. Sign Up Points
  11. Minimum Points Required For Generating Coupons
  12. Points Notification

The plugin is good overall as it covers the basic features of the points system at a commendable price. But keeping the fact in mind that no new feature is added to this plugin for a long time. Most of the features you can find easily in any free plugin.

Price – 39 USD (One-time payment) including 6 months of support and lifetime updates.

WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugins Features Comparison Table

Point conversioncheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Multi-currency supportcheckmarkcheckmarkx-markx-markx-mark
Email notificationcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Points expirationcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Import pointscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkx-mark
Export pointscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkx-mark
Sell product pointscheckmarkx-markx-markx-markx-mark
Discounts controlcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkx-markcheckmark
Signup pointscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Review pointscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Apply points to old orderscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkx-markcheckmark
Reset pointscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkx-markx-mark
Adjust pointscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkx-markx-mark
Prevent couponscheckmarkx-markcheckmarkx-markx-mark
Custom points for first purchasecheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkx-markx-mark
Variable product supportcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Force to apply pointscheckmarkx-markcheckmarkx-markx-mark
Exclude user rolecheckmarkx-markcheckmarkcheckmarkx-mark
Exclude productscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Custom points labelscheckmarkcheckmarkx-markx-markcheckmark
German law compatiblecheckmarkx-markx-markx-markx-mark

Frequent Ask Questions

What advantages do WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins offer for online stores?

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins provide numerous advantages for online stores, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. These plugins incentivize purchases by allowing customers to earn points for actions like buying products, writing reviews, or referring friends. This not only fosters customer loyalty but also encourages repeat business, contributing to increased sales and a positive shopping experience.

Can businesses customize the earning and redemption rules within Points and Rewards Plugins to align with their unique business goals?

Yes, businesses can tailor the earning and redemption rules within WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins to align precisely with their unique business goals. These plugins typically offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing customization of point values, redemption thresholds, and specific actions that earn points. This customization ensures that the rewards program aligns seamlessly with the business strategy and customer preferences.

Can businesses set expiration dates for earned points within WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins?

Absolutely, WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins often include the functionality for businesses to set expiration dates for earned points. This feature adds a dynamic element to the rewards program, encouraging customers to redeem their points within a specified timeframe. Setting expiration dates ensures timely utilization of points, contributing to program efficiency and customer engagement.


The ultimate goal of any business is to provide customer satisfaction, especially after the purchase. Providing Points and Rewards to your customers will help you in building a great long-term relationship with your customers.

I have listed 5+ best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin for your eCommerce store which I feel are best in the market and also covered the feature comparison for all plugins, but if you check all of the above plugins and also check the comparison chart, you can already see that WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugin stands out from the competition. This plugin is incredibly flexible to Reward your Customers with Points that they can redeem for a discount on their next purchase.