If you want to make your website or store rank higher above the competitors in SERPs, then you have to do proper SEO for it. 

However, it is important to note that you have to follow the right strategies to perform successful SEO for the e-commerce store or website. 

In this blog post, I am going to discuss some of the most beneficial yet basic strategies that will make your e-commerce SEO successful. So, without discussing any additional things, let’s head toward the details.

Effective Strategies for eCommerce SEO 

Below are the SEO strategies that you can follow to make your e-commerce website rank higher in search results. 

1. Use The Right Keywords:

Keywords are basically special words and phrases that people search online to find required products or information. 

You should insert relevant yet high-volume keywords in product titles or headlines, descriptions, image alt texts, etc. Doing this will greatly contribute to improving search engine visibility. 

When a customer searches for the keyword “best gaming keyboard under $200” on a search browser like Google, your product contains the searched keyword in the title, description, and alt text of the attached images. In this case, there is a strong chance that Google will show the customer your product as the most appropriate result to his/her search query. 

However, do not just add too many keywords. Doing this will be considered an illegal attempt to manipulate search engine rankings. And your e-commerce store may experience lower rankings instead of improvement. 

2. Optimize Product Titles

Product titles are highly crucial for SEO, as they help potential customers find your products in the SERP. Besides this, they also allow search crawlers to efficiently understand what your product is about and then rank it in the required category, says Adolab. 

There are two main things that you should keep in mind while crafting optimized headings. These are emotions and audience specificity. Keep in mind that your headings should be according to the needs of your targeted audience and convey your message effectively. 

Also, you should use words that hit the emotions of your audience and make them feel that this is the right content for them. To make your titles optimized and attention-grabbing, you should add “power words”  like Effective, Top-notch, 5 tips etc. into your headings. 

For maximum SEO success of an e-commerce store, you should perfectly optimize product titles or headlines according to the requirements of search engines. The procedure for optimizing product titles is listed below: 

  • Make use of primary/focus keywords. 
  • Keep them concise (try to be specific).
  • Use professional and grammatically correct language.
  • Avoid using extra white spaces.
  • Do not write titles in capital wording. 

This is how you can efficiently optimize product titles or headlines of your e-commerce store and improve the chances of ranking higher. 

3. Write Engaging Descriptions

Product descriptions provide brief information to potential customers about the product they are planning to purchase. In simple words, these will decide whether a customer will take an interest in your product or not. That’s why it is recommended to write engaging descriptions. 

According to the stats of a survey conducted by experts, 

There are above  80% of users who conduct online research before they buy something. And almost 90% of the users say that product content plays a core role when we decide if we should buy it or not.”

To write engaging descriptions, you have to make use of appealing-to-read words and phrases instead of normal ones. For instance, instead of writing “Good,” you should write “Exceptional” and for “Release” use “Unleash.” But let me tell you, this will not only require good vocabulary, but also time and effort. 

So, if you either lack vocabulary or time, then don’t worry. There is another way available. The way is by using online rewording tools such as Rewordingtool.io

It will make your given product descriptions engaging by replacing boring or slang words and phrases in them with their persuasive synonyms. To demonstrate this, I have reworded a product description with this tool to see how it will make it engaging, check the image below: 

The tool has made the product description more engaging by introducing appealing to read words in it. 

When the descriptions are engaging, these will keep the customers engaged on your product page or e-commerce store. This will give a positive indication to the search crawlers that people are finding your content valuable, resulting in improved rankings. 

4. Continuous Link Building:

You should continuously build links to your store or website on high-authority sites. These links will serve as a vote of confidence for you and will give search engines the impression that other sites have found your eCommerce platforms site valuable enough that they have added a link to you on their site. This will result in improved ranking as well.  

However, keep in mind that you should only build links on sites that are credible and relevant to your niche. Building links on sites that are not relevant to your niche will be considered “Spamming” by search engines and may hurt your store’s performance in the SERP. 

Therefore, pick credible sites that have continuously increasing traffic and have an age of more than one year. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that you only get one backlink from one site (no matter how relevant and credible the site is). Building multiple links on the same site can also be considered as spamming and may not provide you with the required results. If you want your employees to deepen their knowledge in link building and enhance your backlink profile, consider using mentoring software and connect them with experienced mentors who can answer their questions and provide valuable insights.  

5. Optimize The Loading Speed 

Loading speed is a confirmed ranking factor that refers to how quickly the content or products on your site load. According to Sematext, the ideal loading speed for a website is between 0-2 seconds. 

If your website takes too much time to load, then there will be a strong chance that potential customers will move on to another one. This will give a negative indication to the search crawlers, resulting in lower search rankings. 

This is why it is recommended to optimize the loading speed for maximum SEO success. To optimize the loading speed, you have to: 

  • Use images/videos that are low in size
  • Avoid using heavy on-page elements such as live sliders or sidebars. 
  • Remove unnecessary elements like buttons, icons, pictures, etc. from the site. 
  • Get hosting from a quality service provider. 

6. Mobile Responsive Design:

You should ask the developer to make your e-commerce website/store perfectly responsive for users who will browse it from different devices like mobile, tablets, etc. 

This can be beneficial because it can provide the visitors with a greater browsing experience which will further increase the chances that they will spend more time on the site and give an indication to the search engine crawlers. 

Besides this, a responsive design will also make it easier for customers to quickly navigate through the different categories and products and end up making a purchase. 


For e-commerce websites or stores, it is one of the goals to rank above the competitors in SERP. This goal can be achieved by proper SEO. In this article, I have explained some of the most beneficial SEO strategies that you can follow for maximum success.