SEO A.k.a Search Engine Optimization is used by some of the well-known search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex as well as others to help your site rank higher when users are searching for something precise.

What is WordPress SEO?

Let’s take an example: you have written a blog about interior designing ideas. When someone will search for interior designing ideas, what do you think how many pages they have to go through to visit your link?

So, now let’s say you have a WordPress website, so I guess you have a general idea of SEO. WordPress SEO services are one step ahead of everyone else because WordPress itself is SEO friendly, and that’s one of the reasons why people prefer WordPress over any other site.

“Today It’s Not About ‘Get the Traffic’ — It’s About ‘Get the Targeted and Relevant Traffic.” – Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, Rkg

Google keeps changing its algorithms. In the past, if you wanted to be on the top of the Google SERPs, you just had to stuff the whole blog with keywords, but now Google, with its new algorithm, has thrashed this method out of the way.

But there is still a ray of hope to come to the top on the google search list, and I will show you how. So, sit back and enjoy reading and gaining some valuable knowledge.

Keyword Research

Days of keyword stuffing are gone, but using keywords is still effective. This practice is still alive and kicking. Google algorithm still relies on keywords to rank websites. Rank first, and you will understand the importance of SEO ranking. And for that, you may need to hire SEO experts.

There are also many tools for advanced keyword research. Some of the best tools are SEMRush, Ubersuggest,, Google Trends and even Google keyword planner; they do SEO keyword research for you; this will give you a basic idea of what people are searching for and what is trending. Keyword research helps you to determine the user intent while the user is searching for any services and products.

People use long-tail keywords these days because voice search is more preferred. For high conversion rates, we use Long-tail keywords nowadays, because it is more specific. For the visitors who are searching for something specific, this method is mainly used.

Long Tail Keyword Example

Install SEO Friendly Plugins & Themes

Themes and plugins


To build a WordPress site nowadays is as easy as making cup noodles. You can make it instantly without any difficulty. Plugins are extensions of the site to make it rank higher in google search, so I recommend you should use SEO-friendly plugins. As I have said, WordPress is already SEO-friendly, but you can take search engine optimization to a whole new level by using SEO plugins.

WordPress is swarming with so many different types of SEO plugins, but there are few which are overpowering others.

  • Yoast SEO
    In this recent time, Yoast has gained a lot of popularity. It helps you in many ways, like focusing on the best SEO keywords, writing the meta description, titles, and tags. It also analyzes every page based on the updated algorithm.
  • Rank Math
    In just two years, Rank math has gained so much popularity that it has 500,00+ downloads. This shows us how much value this plugin contains. Rank math focuses on On-page SEO. When you start writing for your page/blog, it will tell you the keywords needed to be inserted. Once you do that, it will be checked by Rank math, and it will underline the things which need to be changed. It is also used to create an XML sitemap, Google Analytics integration, and tracks the ranking of keywords.
  • All in One SEO
    2 million websites prefer All in One SEO Plugin. It can easily optimize the website, add meta description, title tag, easily implement Google AMP SEO and it will automatically generate a sitemap and generate it to popular search engines.
    But make sure you don’t go crazy about adding plugins because it will slow down your website speed.


Like plugins, it is necessary to choose a theme wisely, and you have to keep in mind that the theme is SEO friendly because themes also play an important role in SEO. The code has to be clean and not complicated to give the best performance for your site.

I prefer you use responsive themes and themes where I can do specific changes. Responsive themes help you to interact with users, and this will increase your user’s experience. And when I can do specific changes like changing the head tag, it will help me improve SEO.

  • Divi
    It’s a theme that you can employ for multipurpose. You can do anything with the help of this SEO-friendly theme there’s no limitation. You can even customize it with the Divi Builder tool, which is integrated into the theme. There are many layouts available in Divi which you can fine-tune without changing the codes.Benefits of using Divi:
    a. Fully responsive
    b. 20+ Premade layouts
    c. Fully customizable
    d. 6 different demos
    e. 40+ content elements
    f. Video background
  • SEO Crawler
    One of the best SEO-friendly themes. It is easily customizable and comes with 3 featured website demos, and not only that it is well suited with Yoast SEO leading search engine optimization plugin.Benefits of using SEO Crawler:
    a. Three Demos
    b. Multiple pre-built inner pages
    c. 19 header style
    d. Drag and Drop page builder
    e. Various layout of every section
    f. One page function

But in today’s date people always go for customized SEO friendly themes, because these days everybody is fighting for first place. They always want unique styled themes for their website as per their demand which you won’t get from pre built themes, so you can hire WordPress Theme design and development company who can make a customized theme for you as per your requirements.

Rich in Content

How to create quality content

Good, unique, shareable, and relevant content is still the king of SEO. Keeping every point aside, quality rich content is the life of your website.

Now you’ll be thinking about what good, unique, shareable, and relevant content is? If you hire Experienced Content Marketers, then they will provide Content Writing and Marketing services, and you don’t have to think about all this. They will do all your work for you.

But if you like to work alone, you need to do a lot of research. First thing first, google doesn’t entertain anyone who copies others and plagiarizes others’ content; because of this, you’ll have a low engagement rate, and you will lose your SEO ranking. Also, if your content is rich in quality and relevant, more people will be engaged and share it with their friends and followers.

The content that is highly informative, educative, and helps the users will be considered higher quality.

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are key elements that evaluate the overall user experience on your website. There are three ways to measure.

Loading / Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):


It measures how long it took to load the largest content paint on your website; it’s important to load it fast for a better user experience. An ideal LCP measurement is 2.5 seconds; anything lower than that will be considered poor or needs an improvement.

  • Your server responding slowly:
    If your server is responding slowly, you can do all these things so that it works properly, optimize your server, route your users to the nearby CDN if you are connected to any unnecessary third party, remove it, and shouldn’t unnecessarily create cache.
  • Your resources are loading slowly:
    Compress your images, or you can compress your text file so that this problem doesn’t occur.
  • Client-side rendering:
    If this problem occurs, try to use minimal client-side rendering. if you don’t want to do that, do server-side rendering or use pre-rendering.
    Also, Google Page Speed Insights will show what is slowing down your page’s LCP.

Interactivity/ First Input Delay (FID):


It measures how long your website took to interact with users. If it takes less than 100 milliseconds, your website is ideal. If not, you need to improve it, or it will result in a poor user experience. FID is very important for the website/page, where user interaction is high, like logging in, signing in, or where the user has to click or write something.

To optimize FID, make sure you have optimized your page for interactive readiness, break the long tasks of JAVA so that the execution period of a task is less, or use a web worker.

Visual Stability/ Cumulative Layout shift (CLS):


It measures the number of unusual layout shifts on your website. The ideal time for layout shift should be less than 1 second; anything more than that is poor or needs improvement.

Here are something you can do if you want to minimize CLS:

  • Set image dimension: You need to do that, so your browsers know exactly how much space an element will take to load.
  • Reserving space for Ads: otherwise, the ads will suddenly appear, pushing down your content and relocating.

There are some tools to check Core Web Vitals, and I have listed down a few of them below:

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Your website should be mobile-friendly because nowadays, most of the searches are done through mobile, so make sure your website is made for mobile as well as a desktop so that it doesn’t affect your ranking. You can also see how well your website is doing with mobile users, for that, you have to take Google’s Mobile-Friendly test. And enter your site URL; this will give you an idea of how good your mobile version site is performing. A few years ago it was necessary that your website should be desktop friendly, but now everything is changed as most of the users browses on google through mobiles. So from starting July 2019 Google considers mobile-first indexing your all your new website should be Mobile friendly because Google-bot primarily crawls and indexes pages with Smartphone agent.



You must secure your website. When your website is secured, google and the user will trust you and will have a sigh of relief that their information is safe and without any worry, they can engage with your website. To make your website secure you need to follow these steps.

  • Your current host should support HTTPS and SSL.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate or get it from let’s encrypt.
  • Install the certificate.
  • Check if it’s working.
  • Redirect all your files from HTTP to HTTPS.

If you still didn’t understand the process or it seems too technical for you, Here is a guide on how to do it.

Many websites will claim to be HTTPS secured, but if they are not, Google will give you a warning before you enter. Securing your WordPress website from hackers is a must so that it keeps on performing well without any problems.

Boosting Page Load Speed

Webpage loading speed

Average human attention span is very low, so if your website is taking too much time to load, you are losing your audience left, right, and center. And because your page is loading slowly, the customer bounce rate will also increase as well as there will be a loss in traffic. So to check insight on your website, you can use insight tools like GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools, or an SEO expert can be hired which will help you to speed up your WordPress website performance.

  • Pingdom Tools: Pingdom tool uses Onload time. Onload time is the time a page takes to completely load all the resources, however javascript is not included in it. Benefit of using Pingdom is when you request a waterfall for you it shows a deeper look at every single HTTP link to your site. This is done to gain visual understanding of how your site loads and where the bottlenecks are. Currently its server is in 7 different locations for free speed tests.
  • GTMetrix: it uses Google page speed and Yahoo! To show how good your site is performing, like Uptrends, GTMetrix also requests waterfall so you can read it and can make necessary changes which are required to boost the performance of your website. But it will run the test from Canada by default. If you do the free registration, It will let you run the test from Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Sydney.

WordPress gives you a default URL structure for your site’s posts and pages, and generally this URL is not at all SEO friendly, and even the user won’t understand anything from the URL that what the page is about so, to make your URL SEO-friendly you have to change your permalink, and luckily it’s easy to change you need to go to setting → permalink.

The ideal permalink will be when you add the title of your page/post, the year, or even you can add a keyword in the URL because of which your page/post will soar high.

Adding your Site to Google Search Console

Add site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a very important tool for best SEO practice, because of GSC you can keep a check on your website from anywhere you just need a stable internet connection. If you want to see how your site looks in search engines, GSC will help you do that. You can see other reports, crawl errors of your website using Google Search Console. Some of them are listed below.

  • You can see how many times your page was clicked.
  • What keywords most people use to find what they are looking for.
  • You will be alerted if something wrong is happening on your site.
  • Troubleshoot issues for AMP, Mobile Experience, Core Web Vitals and few other features.

Internal link and external links

Internal Link

When you link one blog/ page to the other blog/ page of your website, it’s called internal linking.

Still, you are not getting the idea of internal linking? Let me give you an, eg: Pretend that you are writing a blog on 10 best car to buy in 2021, now you have previously written blogs on best engines, suspensions, and mufflers, so in your current blog, you can add your links of best engines for people to understand that why is that car best, and they don’t have to leave your site, cause all the necessary thing they need to know, is available on your website only. And this will reduce the bounce rate of your site. People will stay longer on your site, because of which your site will come in good light.

External link

All SEO experts will agree upon the fact that external Linking is a very important ranking factor. And I would prefer that you should make external linking a habit. External links are considered as a third-party vote of confidence by search engines. You should add external links to authoritative pages in your blog or web pages so that you can pass on the link juice to those websites. By doing that, Google will know that your blog contains relevancy and will label you with a higher link profile, and because of that your page ranking will get a little boost.

One more thing I would say if you are adding external links make sure when they tap on the link it will open in a new tab. So that they can come back to your page when needed. To do it follow this step.

  • Highlight the text you want to link and then click on the hyperlink
    add hyperlink
  • You will see a text box; check the text that says open in a new tab, click on it, and you are good to go
    Open link in new tab

Optimize for Google SERPs

optimize google serps

We all are fighting for a search engine result page, isn’t that true? to come in the first 10 results of the google search engine result page. That 10 blue link is what we all are aiming for. Hire a SEO expert and they will help you to achieve this.

There are two ways to rank higher in SERPs:


It goes through Google’s weird and complex algorithm. The algorithm is still a secret but there are still some key ranking factors.

  • Using proper keywords in content
  • Internal links
  • Page title and Meta description
  • URL optimization
  • Page loading speed

You can also use schema on your page.

Schema markup is a code that can be added to your website. Because of this, the information shown on the google search page is enhanced, and it will be more informative.

There are multiple types of schema markup:

  • Organization Schema Markup
  • Schema Markup Person
  • Schema Local Business Markup
  • Schema Product & Offer Markup
  • Breadcrumbs Markup
  • Event Schema Markup


Paid ad example

As the name suggests the page/blog has been displayed on the top because the advertiser paid for that. PPC (pay-per-click) here the website owner pays a fee every time their ads are clicked, and guess what? We provide this service so you can give us a call if you want our PPC service.

Do SEO Audits

SEO audits

After doing all the steps, you are not getting the attention you want for your page? Do an SEO audit then. The main reason to do an SEO audit is to check why you are not getting satisfactory results after doing everything you can for better organic search ranking.

Few things are covered in the SEO audit:

  • Fixes your HTML code
  • JavaScript Errors
  • Speed test
  • Fix indexing problem
  • URL redirection
  • Analyze all the backlinks
  • Fix broken links
  • Meta tags

SEO site checkup, Screaming Frog, SEMrush, WooRank and many other tools used for SEO audit. They run several tests on your website and give you proper SEO tips for improvement.

Hosting Provider

hosting provider

Choosing the best hosting provider is very critical. Many people overlook this point, but choosing the best hosting provider will boost up your SEO. Also, we can’t neglect the security a hosting provider offers because they just have one single software.

From my experience I will advise you to choose WPEngine because we are also using it, and don’t worry, it’s affordable. But if you want to go for other hosting providers, here are a few hosting providers which I think you can choose from.

  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • Siteground
  • Cloudflare

Use Optimized Title Tag


As per Google:

“Titles are critical to give users a quick insight into the content of a result and why it’s relevant to their query. It’s often the primary piece of information used to decide which result to click on, so it’s important to use high-quality titles on your web pages.”

Title tags are important because it says a lot about your blog/ page. Try to keep the keyword in your title tag, so you can get the targeted audience you are aiming for, but avoid keyword stuffing. And keep it under 60 to 65 words around 580px. More than that Google won’t display your full title tag.

Meta Description

meta description

In any way, your Meta description will not have a direct affect on your SEO, but it sure has on your CTR (click through rates.) A good meta description is where you tell what is there in your blog in just 150 to 160 words around 990px. This will help the readers to understand the overall nuance of your blog and they will click on your blog/ page instead of clicking on any other blue link which is above and below you.

Let’s see what Google has to say about this:

“A meta description tag should generally inform and interest users with a short, relevant summary of what a particular page is about. They are like a pitch that convinces the user that the page is exactly what they’re looking for.”

Few points which you should keep in mind before writing a Meta description to make the best SEO Meta description:

  • Accurate summary
  • Use keywords
  • Close to search intent

Social Media Signals

social signals

A technique you used, and because of that, your page started ranking higher, so you use it again and again, and you will start thinking that you found that hack to rank higher. But let me tell you one algorithm change, and your website will be lost like a needle in a haystack.

So, I recommend you find a stable source that safeguards your site for long-term success, and that’s social media because it is not affected by SEO at all, but it can affect SEO not directly but indirectly. Having a good number of followers and making shareable content will help you reach out to more audiences.

From the world of Orkut, Myspace we have now landed upon Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, arguably the 4 largest social media platforms. Now how can you increase your site ranking with the help of these platforms. So, for that, first create a business account, and stay active, and try to engage with the followers. Secondary make shareable, unique, and relatable content. Third, make it easy for them to share your content. Fourth, share your content as well as other influencers which are relevant to your site.

Use our Social Auto Poster Plugin so that you can schedule the post. Not because it’s our plugin, but also because it’s one of the best plugins which is available in the market with more than 3500+ downloads, and from scheduling posts to Google analytics campaign tracking and everything in between Social Auto Poster Plugin offers.

Local SEO

GMB Listing

Google My Business indirectly helps your website rank, getting verified by GMB helps in ranking your business in the top 3 locally. GMB considers relevance, distance, and prominence to rank your profile.

  • Relevance:
    Make sure you are clear about everything you are adding to your GMB profile because it determines how well your business fits in the user’s search intent. Being vague about it will lower your ranking, whereas If your content is to the point, it will help Google understand your business, which will help you rank high.
  • Distance:
    Consider your business is in New Jersey, and it’s about nursery now; if someone from Manhattan will search for a nursery, they won’t be able to locate you but will see the location of the nursery situated in Manhattan and verified under GMB. Similarly, if someone from New Jersey will try to search for a Nursery, they will see your profile. Google uses the location of the search party to display the local business around them.
  • Prominence:
    Prominence is based on a lot of things like reviews and positive ratings given by the client this will help you in ranking higher locally. So, try to stay active by adding events, managing reviews, and posting good content on your site because nobody likes a dead place.

Optimizing Image

Image optimization

Is there an increase in bounce rate on your website, and you are wondering why? Check your page speed, and if it’s slow, check the size of your image because if the size of your image is big, it will take time to load your page. And people tend to lose interest and get frustrated if your website is loading slowly, and they will move onto another page, and this will affect your page ranking SEO.

You can use different plugins or websites to optimize images or we suggest you use to optimize them. But still, if you want to go for plugins, below I am suggesting a few of them which you can take into consideration while optimizing your images:

Another way to optimize an image is by adding image title text and adding alt text to your image.

Adding Image Title Text

For WordPress SEO ranking you don’t need to add image title text, you do it so that when a user is on your website/ page and hover over the image, your image title text appears. So, that user understands without any difficulty.

Now to change your image title text

  • Go where you have placed the image
  • Click on the pencil icon, you will be able to see the edit option on the image
  • Click on the advance option and change your image title

Adding ALT Text to your Image

ALT text, also called alternative text, is used for the search engine to understand what your page is about, so if you want, you can also target keywords while adding ALT text or variation of targeted keywords to describe what your image is about.

Steps to add ALT text to your image:

  • Hover over the image you have added
  • Click on the pencil icon
  • Pop-up box will appear with your image details
  • You will see a field called Alternative Text

Now enter your targeted keyword there.

There is one more way to optimize your image size which is used by a lot of companies/ peoples nowadays.

WebP Image Format

Everybody is using Webp image format to optimize their site/ page images as it provides superior lossy compression for images. It has the capability of reducing 32% image size compared to PNG and JPEG.

Webp uses predictive coding to encode an image, this method is the same as the method used by VP8 codec to compress the video while maintaining the quality. WebP image format checks the value in the neighboring blocks of pixels to predict the value in the block, and then it only encodes the difference between them.

Adding XML and HTML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

xml sitemap

If a search engine wants to find your content, how will you make it easy for them? By adding XML sitemap. Adding it won’t help you in ranking higher in the search list, but it will make it easy for search engine crawlers to find your pages and then it will start ranking them. So, because of that, your chances to score more on google sitelinks will increase.

WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast and RankMath will automatically create sitemap files for you.

HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemap

You all will be thinking that you have already added XML sitemap then why should we use HTML sitemap?

The answer is XML sitemap is specifically for the crawlers but for the user to find a specific page on your site, you need to have an HTML sitemap. It doesn’t matter if your site is big if you have a HTML sitemap, they can direct themself to the page they want to visit through HTML sitemap as HTML helps to structure the site and make it user-friendly because google also considers user experience to rank your page/ site.

Avoid Comment Spamming

Comment Spam

Comment spamming is becoming a serious issue nowadays because bots automatically come to your site and add spam links, and because of this, your site will look tidy and unprofessional. Also, the ones who genuinely follow you, their valuable comment will be lost in those bots spammed comments. So, people will start losing interest in your page, and they will slowly stop visiting your page, and it will affect your SEO ranking. Therefore I suggest you keep a check on your site/ blog comment section.

Some simple steps to avoid comment spamming:

  • Reduce no. of links per post
  • Only people who have registered to your site can comment
  • Comments must be manually approved
  • Use anti-spam plugins
  • Set up a captcha code to avoid bot spamming

broken link optimization

Whenever the user clicks on the link you provided and it takes them to a 404 error page, the user loses interest in your page and it will increase the bounce rate from your website and because of that your ranking will be affected. The search engine will think that your site is not properly maintained and this creates a negative impression.

We suggest you check your links through Google Search Console or Screaming Frog because it’s the easiest way. It will show you where the broken link is so that you can fix it, or else you can use tools like Screaming Frog to check your broken links.

Wrapping this up

After taking each and every aspect mentioned in the above blog into consideration and working on it; don’t get hasty. SEO is a long-term process and the results cannot be instant. You need to wait for the fruit to ripe, to eat it. Identically, in this case as well you have to trust the process and the results will show up eventually. In case you do not see the results after patiently waiting and would like to grow more and more you can connect with our SEO experts to get the best results you can think of.

WordPress SEO Tips to Grow Organic Traffic